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Lucky Numbers

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Lucky Numbers

Numbers are numbers.

No feelings. No magicery. Just numbers.

But, if you ask someone what their lucky numbers are, chances are they have some.

It could be their current age.

It could be the numbers from a special date, like a birthday, anniversary, or even the trash day.

They could be the first numbers you see on a specific day.

Numbers from your jersey when you played sports.

They could be numbers which came to you in a dream.

If you think your numbers are lucky, check out our lottery search sections, plug in your numbers, and see how lucky your numbers would have been on one of the lotteries we have stored in our databases.

Some numbers are perceived to be lucky. Number 7 for example.

Some numbers are perceived to be unlucky, like 13.

But statistically, these numbers fall into the same category as all other numbers when it comes to lotteries.

And that category is "Random".

If you don't believe me, view the frequency charts for any of our American or Canadian lotteries, and you will see. All numbers are pretty well evenly distributed.

All lottery draws pull their numbers randomly from either a ball tumbler or tumblers or a computer generated program. Either way, the numbers are selected completely random.

This site can generate numbers, via our quick pick page. Keep in mind however, these are just random numbers. There is no guarantee that they are lucky numbers.

Please Play Responsibly ! ! ! Although this website is fun to view, to see the "what if's", it is just a database of previous lottery results. It cannot predict the future, nor is there any guarantee that any information from this website will produce winning numbers.