Website Changes - Blog Introduced

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Lotto Database Website Changes

We want to introduce additional webpages to our site.

In order to maintain a streamline and easy user experience, the easiest and most efficient way to achieve this is to introduce a blog.

Blogs are useful because it is easier to add pages, organizing them by date. For users, they are easier to review and easier to read because they usually follow a similar look and feel.

On October 15, 2023 we changed our website to accomodate the blog.

This involved taking out previous web pages which were under the Lottery Tools section (now gone), and re-organized the webpages a bit.

All content we had before is still here, just re-organized to different locations.

The Quickpick and Lottery Search are now on the main menu rather than under Lottery Tools section.

Lottery Tools was renamed to Misc, and the About, FAQs and Contact us are now under the Miscellaneous tab.

The remaining articles we had under Lottery Tools became part of the blog, with an earlier date.

We hope you enjoy the new layout.