Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery

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Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery

Did you know there are 2 ways of increasing your chances of winning the lottery?

There is no gimmick

It is strictly better odds under certain circumstances.

Method 1 - With LottoMAX

Lotto Max Maximillions

Lotto MAX starts out at $10 million and the jackpot goes up everytime someone does not win the main draw prize. Once this prize hits its first threshold of $50 million, then additional $1 million maximillion prizes start to show up.

The odds of winning the grand prize of LottoMAX are the same odds as winning one of the Maxmillion prizes.

But that is where your odds get better.


Let us says there are 2 maximillion prizes and the normal jackpot.

Your odds of winning the main prize is roughly 1 in 33 million.

Your odds of winning either of the maximillion prizes would be 2 times roughly 1 in 33 million.

So in total, your odds of winning either of these 3 prizes would be 33 million divided by 3, so roughly in 1 in 11 million.

The more maximillion prizes there are, the better your chances get at winning one of those prizes.

Rather than having a 1 in 33 million chance at winning a grand prize, your chances increase by number of maxillion prizes plus 1.

Note: With LottoMAX, there is no guarantee that anyone will win the maximillion prizes.

However, since there are more prizes being drawn, you have a better chance of winning than if there were no Maximillions.

With 649 Super Draws

Lotto 649 Super Draw

Every year prize money goes unclaimed.

Sometimes it could be little prizes, like a $20 dollar winner.

Rarely, there are major prizes unclaimed. For example, a $70 million LottoMAX purchased on June 28, 2022 was never claimed.

The lotteries commissions return unclaimed prizes back to the player community in the form of Bonus Prizes or Super Draws.

Lotto 649 periodically have Super Draws, where guaranteed prizes of between $25,000 to $100,000 are won.

When these draws occur, there are increased chances of winning because there are anywhere between 10 to 25 additional guaranteed winners on these Super Draw dates.

Some of the previous Super Draws included:

  • "Every Saturday in July, there are 20 additional $10,000 prizes"
  • "On September 2, 2023, there are 20 additional $50,000 guaranteed prizes"
  • "On May 13, there are 25 additional $25,000 guaranteed prizes"

With these Super Draws, since there are guaranteed winners, the lucky winners are chosen from the pool of played $3.00 tickets, so the odds of winning changes from draw to draw.

Lottery ticket sales increase by approximately 20% during Super Draws.

However, the odds of winning are once again greater because there are more prizes being drawn.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Keep you eyes open. If you see there are Maximillions or there are Super Draws then you have a better chance of winning a major prize on those draw dates.