Lottery Fun Facts

Lotteries are fun to play. Especially if you win occassionally. Here are some interesting and fun facts about lotteries.

Only Person Playing the Lottery

What happens if you are the only person playing the lotteries?

Will it increase your chances of winning?

Well, it depends on the lottery. If you play the Canadian lottery, Lotto 649, there is a guaranteed winner every draw. One random player wins the $1,000,000 dollar guaranteed-winner prize. If you happen to be the only person playing, you would walk away with $104 Million a year (assuming your were the only player for an entire year). But chances are, you are not the only one playing this game.

Other lotteries use a percentage of the income to generate the winnings. If you are the only player, then the jackpot will only increase by small amounts. Could you imagine a jackpot of 54 cents?

However, most lotteries it doesn't matter if you are the only player, or there are multiple players, the odds of winning are the same. Check out the various Canadian or American lotteries on our site to see those chances.

Difference between American and Canadian Lotteries

There are some major differences between American and Canadian lotteries. Check out our diffence between American and Canadian Lotteries article.